Here’s Why Zillow’s Recent Debacle is a HUGE Opportunity for Real Estate Investors

November 5, 2021

Sooooo…this happened.

Zillow, the company known for its online real estate listings (don’t act like you haven’t jumped on their site to see what real estate prices are like in your area, just because), recently announced that it will stop flipping homes.

The announcement comes just one day after the company announced it is looking to sell about 7,000 homes in an attempt to recover from the debacle that is its high-tech, home flipping biz, as they bought too many houses, with many now being listed for less than Zillow originally paid.


This new spin on home buying, called iBuying, goes basically like this: Zillow invites owners to request an offer on their house and uses algorithms to generate a price. If an owner accepts, Zillow buys the property, makes some repairs and immediately puts it back on the market. Sounds like a good idea, right? Well, Zillow bought around 3,800 houses in the second quarter alone but couldn’t find enough workers to renovate their properties. Estimates are that Zillow stands to lose about $381 million.

In the words of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, “Big mistake. Huge.”

Luckily, Zillow’s blunder is now a HUGE opportunity for real estate investors. If you are looking to acquire properties, Zillow will more than likely just want to get these houses off their books, so they’ll be selling way below the market rate. And that’s where you come in…with a little help from us.

Whether you need investment property loans, rental property loans, or fix and flip loans, we’ve got you covered. We can get you the right rental property financing that fits your budget and get you investing in real estate quicker and easier than you ever thought.

Now, we’re pretty sure that everyone and their mother is going to be jumping on this Zillow misstep and immediately start swallowing up all the homes that Zillow needs to put back on the market at such a reduced price. And we’re pretty sure that you want to get in on this real estate investment opportunity. So, you’ve gotta act now, cause these Zillow homes won’t be around forever.

Figure out which real estate loan is right for you (investment property loans, rental property loans, or fix and flip loans), figure out your budget, and hook up with one of the Loan Guys today. Make Zillow’s misfortune your fortune.

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