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Interests Rates Are Rising. What Does That Mean For Investment Properties?

Okay, it’s no big secret that the housing market has been through…well, A LOT. In the last two years alone, we’ve had:

 *property tax increases

*a shortage of housing inventory

*rising costs of construction material


 Oh, and the COVID-19 pandemic. There’s that too.

 Yet, somehow, the real estate market has managed to soldier on, with motivated investors still searching for that perfect investment property and that perfect investment property loan. And just when you think there’s a light at the end of the housing market tunnel, then we’re hit with (cue scary music) slowly rising interest rates.

Here’s Why Zillow’s Recent Debacle is a HUGE Opportunity for Real Estate Investors

Sooooo…this happened. Zillow, the company known for its online real estate listings (don’t act like you haven’t jumped on their site to see what real estate prices are like in your area, just because), recently announced that it will stop flipping homes. The announcement comes just one day after the company announced it is looking to sell about 7,000 homes in an attempt to recover from the debacle that is its high-tech, home flipping biz, as they bought too many

Here’s How to Finance a Property No Income Verification

Caption: Think you can’t invest in real estate property without income verification? Think again. _ _ _ _ _ Let’s say you make this decision… “I want to invest in real estate.” What probably follows after that declaration is this question… “How do I get a loan for an investment property?” And what may follow right after that question are just a slew of even more questions… “How do I start investing in real estate without any income verification? Is

What is a Rental DSCR Loan?

Don’t know what a DSCR loan is? Find out what it is and how it can work for you! So, you’re thinking about getting into the real estate business, and you’re wondering how to get a loan for a rental property. First things first; good for you! Second things second; you’re definitely going to need to know what your DSCR is. “Wait,” you’re probably saying to yourself. “What is a DSCR? That sounds…ominous. I’m scared.” It’s okay. We get it.

How Do You Finance a Property Without Tax Returns?

If the only thing stopping you from investing in real estate properties is your tax returns, well, here’s some good news for you. Some of you out there might think that you can’t finance a rental property without tax returns. Well, you know what? You can. Huh? What? HUH? We know that might sound like kooky talk, but you really can get an investment property loan minus any sort of tax returns. It takes a little more work, it requires

How to Flip a House

You’ve seen the reality TV version of flipping houses. But here’s how you REALLY flip a house! You’ve seen it on TV; folks flipping houses and then getting PAID. So, you say to yourself, “Hell, if these people can flip houses and make bank, so can I!” And you can…if you learn how to do it in the right way. Obviously, most things on TV aren’t real. (Pointing fingers right at ya, The Bachelor.) So, when you see house flipping