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How to Apply for a Bridge Loan

With a bridge loan, you are literally bridging the gap between two transactions. Here’s how you do it. A bridge loan is not just some cute banking term, if that’s even a thing. No, a bridge loan is simply a sum of money lent by a bank or money lender to cover an interval between two transactions, typically the buying of one house and the selling of another.  Bridge loans are perfect for investors who have the cash but just

Everything You Need to Know About Fix & Flip Loans

What exactly is a fix and flip loan and how do you get one? We are so glad you asked. If you are thinking about getting into the fix & flip business, if you are thinking about becoming the next great fix & flipper, you’re inevitably going to need to get yourself a fix and flip loan. It’s…kind of a big part of the whole fix and flip scenario, ya know? But what if you don’t know what a fix

Everything You Need to Know About Bridge Loans

A bridge loan is almost like an actual bridge…just made of money, that’s all. Bridge loans are one of those financial terms that people sometimes don’t understand. It’s like the umami of the investment property loan world. And that’s unfortunate because not knowing the meaning of a bridge loan may be preventing you from getting into the investment property business. So, instead of asking, “What is a bridge loan?”, let’s learn everything we can about the term so that you

Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Loan for an Investment Property

Getting an investment property loan doesn’t have to be pure nightmare fuel.

You’ve heard the nightmare stories about trying to get an investment property loan: speaking to dozens of money lenders, jumping through hoops, racing against the clock to get all of your paperwork in, then waiting months only to hear that you’ve been rejected. Yeah…it’s a real-life nightmare that will haunt your dreams.

Everything You Need to Know About Rental Property Loans

Once you read this, you’ll become a rental property loan expert! If you are thinking about dipping your toe (or foot or entire body) into the rental property pool, you’ve probably read, heard, or seen the term “rental property loan.” “Rental property loan?” you may have thought. “What do those words even mean?” We got you, boo. First things first, let’s answer the question, “What is a rental property loan?” Great question, glad you asked. Also known as an investment

How to Buy Real Estate as Self-Employed

Think you can’t get an investment property loan when you’re self-employed? Think again

We have no idea how or where or why it got started, but for some reason people have it in their heads that if you are self-employed then it is impossible to secure an investment property loan to buy real estate. Well that’s just a bunch of poppycock and gobblygook.